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About Us

Three generations later, a love for animals and a passion for organic living are still part of the Fowler Farms family tradition.

The Fowler family has owned and operated their organic farm in West Texas since its purchase in the late 1800s - Long before the "organic" lifestyle became the trend it is today.

Today Fowler Farms exhibits continuity to its founding ethos and wholesome principles with Fowler Farms Naturals, an extension of their history of fulfilling work to improve the lives of pets everywhere.

Pets face a growing propensity to stress, allergies, anxiety, seizures, nausea, arthritis, cancer, gastrointestinal issues, and other painful conditions. Fowler Farms' CBD supplements for pets help combat these issues by offering a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications. 

Each product in their range of organic CBD oil products are veterinarian formulated to treat pain and anxiety in animals so they can thrive alongside you. CBD horse pellets, yummy CBD soft chews, and pure CBD oil are developed using the best of cutting edge technology and herbal remedies.

Crafted with medicinal phytocannabinoids to deliver relief quickly without the psychoactive effects of THC, you can rest easy knowing your pet will enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of CBD without getting "high" or losing energy.

For generations, the Fowler Farm family has been committed to the belief that our animals are not just pets...

They are dearly loved members of the family.

Selected for purity, potency, and efficacy of their essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and actives, only nature's finest hemp plants are used to develop Fowler Farms Naturals CBD oil products. You can trust that each one is free of GMOs, fungicides, solvents, preservatives, dyes, and synthetic ingredients.

When it comes to treats and supplements, only wholesome foods are included to deliver key nutrients to your pet so you'll never see grain, salt, sugar, wheat, or corn on the ingredient list either.

Why take all the extra precautions?

Because nothing is more important than health and family, and every member of yours deserves high-quality wellness products for all of the adventures you have to look forward to together.